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Administration Guidance

The NIH Toolbox tests were designed to be easily administered, yet there are several points of reference that need to be reviewed to ensure a proper standardized administration. To start, we strongly encourage you to review the administration manual, view the training videos, and familiarize yourself with the app interface and tests.

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Online learning

Administration Videos

Check out an overview of how to administer individual NIH Toolbox tests. These videos are intended to be used together with training resources, such as the administration manual, webinars or in-person training, or receiving feedback on practice administration.

How To Videos

How to Create a Participant

How to Create an Assessment

How to Create a Battery

How to Export Results

How to Pause, Stop, Delay, and Resume Tests

Best Practices

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Live Workshops & Training Sessions

Learn more about the NIH Toolbox V3 system by attending a webinar or live training session.

Past Event

NIH Toolbox V3 Virtual Conference

March 24th, 2023
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM EDT

Learn how the latest version of the NIH Toolbox iPad app can assist with your neurological and behavioral assessment needs.

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Tips for Administration

Choose a suitable testing location.

Ensure the testing environment is quiet and free of distractions. Consider placing a “Do Not Disturb: Testing” sign outside the testing room.

Prepare all test materials ahead of time.

Verify that all test materials and equipment are setup and in good working condition.

Examine training materials thoroughly.

Review appropriate instructions in detail and view training modules, such as the NIH Toolbox® eLearning series, or video demonstrations available on Youtube.

Practice at least 8-10 times.

With a live person, practice administering each test while paying close attention to the procedures and instructions.

Ask for feedback.

Request a colleague to help observe your administration performance and offer tips.

Learn More about our Research Projects

Find out more about ongoing research in the application of NIH Toolbox® tests and development of related products, such as the Infant and Toddler ‘Baby’ Toolbox and the Mobile Toolbox (a smartphone version).

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