Empathic Behaviors

A computer-adaptive test (CAT) assessment that asks the parent’s perceptions of the child’s prosocial behaviors.

Words-In-Noise Test

An assessment of the ability to recognize single words amid varying levels of background noise. The participant is asked to repeat the words presented by the audio.

Visual Acuity Test

An assessment of distance vision. Participants are asked to sit 3 meters from the iPad and identify the letters that appear on the screen, either verbally (ages 3-7 & ages 8+) or by pointing to the same letter on a card in front of them (ages 3-7).

Odor Identification Test

An assessment of olfaction. Participants are asked to identify and name odors on scratch-and-sniff cards.

Visual Reasoning Test

An assessment of nonverbal and visual reasoning. Participants are asked to select which of the response options is most like or missing from the target images at the top of the screen.

Speeded Matching Test

An assessment of processing speed. Participants are asked to identify which of four pictures matches the target picture at the top of the screen.