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NIH Toolbox Demonstration Video Collection

Click the name of the measure below to view demonstrations videos of web-based NIH Toolbox measures.  

These files are large and may take a few seconds to open.  

Videos of iPad app are available in the iPad app e-learning module.

Demonstration videos - iPad app


Web-based demonstration videos

CognitionNIH Toolbox Dimensional Change Card Sort Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Flanker Inhibitory Control and Attention Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox List Sorting Working Memory Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Oral Reading Recognition Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Oral Symbol Digit Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Pattern Comparison Processing Speed Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Picture Sequence Memory Test
CognitionNIH Toolbox Picture Vocabulary Test
EmotionNIH Toolbox Emotion and other Self Report Measures
MotorNIH Toolbox 2-Minute Walk Endurance Test
MotorNIH Toolbox 4-Meter Walk Gait Speed Test
MotorNIH Toolbox 9-Hole Pegboard Test
MotorNIH Toolbox Grip Strength Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Words in Noise Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Auditory Verbal Learning Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Dynamic Visual Acuity Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Odor Identification Test-Adult version
SensationNIH Toolbox Odor Identification Test-Child version
SensationNIH Toolbox Regional Taste Intensity Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Standing Balance Test
SensationNIH Toolbox Visual Acuity Test-Adult
SensationNIH Toolbox Visual Acuity Test-Child