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 What and Why?


NIH Toolbox is a multidimensional set of brief measures assessing cognitive, emotional, motor and sensory function from ages 3 to 85, meeting the need for a standard set of measures that can be used as a “common currency” across diverse study designs and settings. 

NIH Toolbox monitors neurological and behavioral function over time, and measures the domain constructs across developmental stages. This facilitates the study of functional changes across the lifespan, including evaluating intervention and treatment effectiveness.

Cognition Domain     Emotion Domain    |   Motor Domain   |   Sensation Domain


 Updates to NIH Toolbox®


 News and Announcements


     New iPad app info


    An upgrade (v1.4) to the NIH Toolbox® iPad app is now available

    Use of the NIH Toolbox has grown considerably since first released in 2012.  To meet this growing demand, the development team at Northwestern University created an iPad app to administer NIH Toolbox instruments.  This app was first released in August 2015.

    • This new upgrade v1.4 includes:

      • Automatic unlock of cognition for multiple devices under a single subscription

      • Updated FAQs, improved error messaging, minor bug fixes, performance and stability improvements. We are always working to improve our user’s experience!

      • Available for iOS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3

      • New:  NIH Toolbox iPad app Administrator's Manual v1.4

    All users are urged to install this upgrade to NIH Toolbox® immediately.  

    To get the app, visit the App Store on your iPad,

    NIH Toolbox iPad app released NIH Toolbox en Español!   Learn more and download the app through the App Store

    Subscription Information

    The NIH Toolbox® app is available through the app store and can be downloaded for free. However, to use the instruments, you will be asked to purchase a 12-month auto-renewing subscription, including a 60-day FREE TRIAL, for $499.99.

    This subscription may be used on any iPad on which you install the NIH Toolbox app, as long as you enter the same Apple ID used for purchase. The subscription includes support for installation on up to 10 iPads.

    The 12-month subscription fee will be automatically charged to your iTunes account at the conclusion of your free 60-day trial period, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial. 

    You may cancel the subscription at any time during the free trial.  If auto-renewal is turned off more than 24 hours before the end of the free trial period then your subscription will expire and you will not be charged. 

    After your account has been charged the fee, you will not be able to cancel your subscription.

    Click here ( for information on how to turn off auto-renewal

    After expiration, you will still have access to your data on the iPad, but you will no longer be able to create new participants/patients or collect new data.

    If interested in obtaining a refund, please contact Apple directly by going to this website:

    You can learn more about this process here: 

    For more information visit the NIH Toolbox iPad App Resources page.

     Hardware Requirements

    • iPad Air or iPad Air 2, with Wi-Fi capacity, that is running iOS 9.0 version or later.

    • NIH Toolbox App is not compatible with the iPad mini or other apple devices (e.g., iPhone).

    • Wi-Fi capacity is only required to initially install the app, and is not required during test administration.

    • A bluetooth keyboard is required for the administration of the following tests: NIH Toolbox List Sorting Working Memory Test and NIH Toolbox Oral Reading Recognition Test. For a full list of required hardware and/or materials, see the Administrator’s Manual (Appendix 4).

    Access to Cognition instruments

    • Instruments used for assessment of Cognition, while available at no additional cost, require the successful completion of a separate approval. Generally, approval will be granted to researchers and clinicians with the knowledge to use neuropsychological tests. 

      To request access, send an email request to  with "Request for Access" in the subject line.

    NIH Toolbox® Standing Balance Test

    • To administer the Standing Balance test, you will need additional hardware (iPod Touch, 5th generation or later) and the BalancePod app, available at no additional cost through the App Store.   Get the BalancePod here>>

    Coming soon!

    • Longitudinal Reporting,  and more! 

    Thank you for your interest in the NIH Toolbox!

    Contact with questions, comments or suggestions.


     Emotion Measures


    Emotion Measures PDFs are available here>> 
    The PDFs  show the content of each measure. They are provided for item review purposes only and are not appropriate for actual administration.

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