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How do I access NIH Toolbox Measures?

There are two options for accessing NIH Toolbox Measures -  an iPad App version and the Web based version. 

NIH Toolbox iPad app is now available

Use of the NIH Toolbox has grown considerably since first released in 2012.  To meet this growing demand, the development team at Northwestern University created an iPad app to administer NIH Toolbox instruments.

Subscription purchase required.  More information/Download the iPad app>>>


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Access to NIH Toolbox Cognition - iPad App version 

Request access to the NIH Toolbox Cognition - iPad App version by sending an email to 

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Access to NIH Toolbox Measures - Web based version

As of January 2016 is no longer available for new NIH Toolbox studies.

If you still need to request access to the web based version, please fill out the Contact Us form on 

  • Choose the Access option on the Contact Us form

  • List the instrument you need

  • Indicate the reason for your request

Your request will be reviewed and you will be notified if further information is needed.

Please note that starting September 1, 2016, ongoing NIH Toolbox studies using will be assessed $5,000 per year to offset the cost of operating the website.